on book launches ?
Seeing as my book was first published in May 2005 and been on the ISBN database since October of that year, does that mean that it is too late to throw an official book launch party ?

I have been thinking about this, it does appear to be the next logical step in promoting my book to the more traditional outlets. The ISBN was the first step as it allows bookstores to actually find the book – but now people and bookstores need to know it exists and I have been wondering how best to let them know.
I wouldn’t have written and published it if I didn’t think it was something people might want to read – something in other words which bookstores would be able to get some sales out off, and every new channel that opens is one more person I manage to touch.

It took me seven years to write that book and so obviously (call it author’s vanity) I would like as many people as possible to read it.
So lately I have been seriously wondering if such a book launch can still be held, and if so – how would one go about arranging it ?
I am certainly open to advice from other people who have gone through the harrowing experience of learning that when you want to publish a book there is pretty much no information on how to go about it, if you then take it further and choose to self-publish you have an even greater shortage of information on how best to promote your work. While publishing through lulu has many upsides, nobody told me what to write etc. there is one major downside – traditional media has a large budget for marketing, the new media economy doesn’t have it (yet) – so getting the word out can be a little a trickier at times.

In the same veign I have been trying to find out how one would get your book reviewed in the papers – do you just send them a copy ? Bad reviews I can live with, no reviews I’m not so sure about.