….said Jim Carrey – in the Truman show and started driving around in a circle. After 30 years of living a typical middle class 9 to 5 life – he decided to get out of it.

When one travels one sees various different structures, rules that everyone in that community sticks to – and if they are lucky – they are good rules. I have travelled around a bit and tried to make sure that I learn from everything I see and use that knowledge to better my life.

At the OpenCafe we try to do things according to the above realization and encourage everyone to step outside the box and reexamine things.

One very important rule is – Get Creative. Do something. For yourself – or for others. Make a necklace. Play a song. Set up an OpenCafe.:-) It’s all up to you. Come up with an idea and we will try to support you – provide you with basic computer skills, computer and Internet access, webspace to host and maintain your project sites, and more.
When it comes to music – the cafe is a place for free basic music lessons. Mainly for those interested in playing the violin or guitar. We have some acoustic and an electric guitar and all you have to do is – design a “music program” for yourself – we discuss it – and as long as you keep to your program – you can carry on using the facilities – although you have to drive your own training – we’ll continuously support you to learn the basics of tuning the guitar and playing basic chords and strumming patterns.
We play music every day at the cafe , click here to have a look at photos of our OpenDay which turned out to be a music workshop.