Creative Commons

Hey, may be you are a writer too and you are asking. What impact can this act of releasing my novel with a creative commons have? You may think this is very little but am telling you it is a lot. This is just the beginning for me and it might be a start for you. Now imagine if we were 10 or 50. It would begin turning heads, Right?. Just look around you again and you might notice it began long time ago. Those numbers were passed long time ago and I pity anybody who tries to stand against it.


The guys from ccMixter just started an online collaboration site – this is what they say about the site:

If you’re an artist who’s using Creative Commons licenses (composer,filmmaker,writer,podcaster.. you name it!) it would be great if you would join. It will cost you nothing. Let’s build a collective, so we can share our opinions, our work and start collaborating.

There are so many open content sites out there – this is one way to bring them together and start remixing and build on each others work.

Click to visit and join the ccCreators site.

Creative Commons and the Fedora Project have launched an open video contest.

Click here to find out more.