is an online music shop – which artists can use directly to sell their music. We visit the site every week and the Calabash blog is also on our blogroll.Artists definitely must know about sites like – since the music industry is changing – selling your music in mp3 and other audio formats are becoming very popular – using the Internet to connect with music fans, market and sell music is becoming the way to go.

The open content / open source community is involved in a big way in this – if you are clever enough you can actually do it all yourself – lots of freely available open source tools are available for musicians to record, remix, publish, market and sell their work. Click here to read an article on this.

If you are a musician and would like to find out more about the process of signing up and selling your music through – click here to read all the info you need. is just one of the many sites that use online tools to sell and promote music in a new much more exciting ways – contact us if you have a specific question on this topic – or listen to this interview at Here On Earth radio with Brad Powell, President and Creative Director of Calabash Music.