Though it is with a bit of sadness that I announce the end of a project – I am happy that I had the opportunity to work with artists from all over the world and assist with various computer related tasks.

Though a small project it did have a global reach and has enabled us to see through the eyes of artists from South Africa, Nigeria, Uganda, Zambia, USA, Hungary, Kenya and Australia.

We carry on supporting artists and art projects but will have a different angle based on all the projects we have done and the experiences we have gone through over teh years.

Thanks again for all those that supported this project – we will post soon on how the new project develops and let you know about the expected launch date.


Web awardsI am happy to let you know that our site and project is chosen to be one of the finalists. (Not that we are doing it for the awards :-))

Congrats to all our artists and everyone else takes part in the project! 🙂

Click to read more and meet the 10 finalists.

Matura’s paintingMatura is from Eugene, Oregon, USA.

He is a singer, songwriter muscian, bhakti yoga teacher, community leader, spiritual writer and visionary artist.

I’m living in Oregon and loving it. Life is good & I like to express myself through music, writing and spirituality. My friends and I come together musically as the Mystic Travellers. We are a group of friends evolving our devotion and spiritual consciousness through faith based original acoustic music, kirtan or sacred sound, accompanied by a variety of ethnic and world grooves. We combine and weave various cultural and ethnic musical elements as a vehicle (hopefully) for the descent of spiritual substance. Holy Reality is drawn through the clean hearts of those who aspire to selflessly serve without motivation. We aspire for this prayerful mood in our music and life. Our kirtans are based in the tradition of the Gaudiya Vaishnav Vedic culture. The general mood of our acoustic songs is a unique psychedelic world folk sound. Not psychedelic as in the use of drugs, but as in the original meaning of the word-psyche…meaning soul. Its an organic soul centered music with spirituality as its basis.

To find out more, visit Matura’s ArtMarket site, or his Myspace page or you can also join his community.

[rockyou id=61337707&w=324&h=243]

Go to visit Amaranth to find out more…

Photos - Peet Van Schalkwyk

Though Peet’s first focus is his science projects – he still has time to take amazing wildlife photos as well.

Click to see Peet’s ArtMarket site.

Hey, may be you are a writer too and you are asking. What impact can this act of releasing my novel with a creative commons have? You may think this is very little but am telling you it is a lot. This is just the beginning for me and it might be a start for you. Now imagine if we were 10 or 50. It would begin turning heads, Right?. Just look around you again and you might notice it began long time ago. Those numbers were passed long time ago and I pity anybody who tries to stand against it.


Approaching your throneShelley is a Cape Town artist.

She studied Fine arts at Rhodes university and taught secondary school art as a subject for 10 years. Click to see her work.